Job Costing Transaction Demos

We have completed the last of the basic videos that look at each of the main job costing transactions. Stock Issues, Purchase Orders, Works Orders, Timesheets, Sundry Costs and Machine Timesheets. There are more options in the system than these but it is hoped that this gives you an idea of what some of the options are. You can see the new videos together at .  For a Demo on the system Contact us.

Product Verification Testing for STP

It’s taken just over a month to get everything ready for the Product Verification Testing for STP, but today we have managed to upload our first data set to the ATO for testing. A few formatting changes but we got there in the end. Now we just need to wait until the ATO confirms the data and all of our clients can go into production.

Average Cost

I was talking with someone today and regarding the cost of the software and was asked a question on what the average size and cost would be for an InterAcct installation? On average our sites have 7 users and it costs them around $21,000 for the software and services.

There are users with just a single PC and some with 20+ Users. If you would like to find out what your expected costs are, please contact our sales team and we will be happy to help


Job Costing Videos

We are doing a new series of short videos looking at each of the Job Costing Transactions in the system. There will be one on Stock issues, Auto Purchase Orders, Works Orders to subbies, Time sheets, Job costs on Creditors invoices, Sundry Costs and Machine Time sheets. Many of these topics are covered as part of already published larger videos but we have had feedback from people that it was hard to spot them in a hurry.

Opening Balances

It does not come up that often that people need support on Opening Balances in the system, but we have recently added a new training video that covers this topic. It is available to all existing users of the software under the training videos link.

New Menu Structure

Feedback over the years has been that sometimes we have too much in the software. I find it interesting that people want less out of a system but can understand that having 80 different reports and transactions under the job might be more than you would use.

In the past we jump behind the scenes and remove the links that are not needed and it only takes a few seconds to do this.

But now you have aNew Menu with the option to change a the links yourself. Not only can you remove them in general but you can have them changed for each user (separate to the security controls in the system but it still will not let you get to things that you dont have permission to see).

Here is a video on the topic and what has changed.

Best of Breed

Sir Alex Issigonis once said that “A camel is a horse designed by a committee”.

Sometimes people looking for software try to find the “best of breed software” for each department of their company, based on current needs. There is a hope that this will then mean that each is working at maximum efficiency.

The reality is for many that there is a sometimes a lot of work and cost to have these packages talk with each other automatically or even worse a lot of duplication of work to keep each of these packages manually updated. As well as gaps or overlaps

Does it feels like you are making your own Camel sometimes? Looking at each part of your systems they look great but it’s just not getting the speed and efficiency that you are looking for?

ERP systems are designed to start life as a horse, and a good ERP system will also allow for growth and change as your business changes.

While your business may not need all of the features today that InterAcct offers, as things change you may find that you do need more. With InterAcct you can purchase at any stage additional modules to suit your needs.