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PAYG Payment Summary

What was commonly called the “Group Certificate” is now called the PAYG Payment Summary. InterAcct now provides the ATO approved print format as part of their Payroll software module.

The main task with this software enhancement was the ability to electronically report this information direct to the ATO (via their ECI software interface).

InterAcct now matches the validation criteria set by the ATO. The reportable Fringe Benefits field will not print unless the employee exceeds the $2,000 limit set by the ATO. This figure can be amended (if necessary) in the InterAcct Payroll set up screen.

This new report design was created with the InterAcct Super Report Writer. Some clever things are happening behind the scenes (such as the range of dates if the employee has not worked the full year).

It normally would show your logo image at the top.

Sample PAYG Payment Summary

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