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InterAcct Debtors Software

Debtors Software Highlights:

Download the full software profile Download the full software profile
Debtors control software is a fully integrated system from first recording a new sales enquiry, to estimating, quoting, win/loss analysis, purchasing, debtors invoicing, and all the other accounting processes. Verify the account status before allowed to input a new transaction – not On-Hold or Bad-Debt, or Overdue.
The focus is on Cash Flow via strong Credit Control methods. Monitor the trends in an Debtor’s Aged Analysis – getting better or worse ?
Reports on demand – that can be run retrospectively as at any prior date. Credit limit and minimum Profit Margin control
Follow up diary for overdue invoices Maintains a realtime debtors balance control. Allows deposit tracking, debtors invoicing, debtors payments, credit notes.

Debtors Software

Debtors Control Software Features:

Central Database on Clients & Prospects – easy conversion from Prospect to Client. For job related systems, it can show Retentions Due by Date, Warranty Claims against Suppliers, Amounts to be invoiced from ‘old’ service jobs.
Can search to show only those Debtors with an outstanding balance, or an overdue account. Deposits paid on job commencement can be shown by Debtor and Progress Claims
Credit Limit control – Payment Terms For Service related systems, the Client can have Equipment Registers by location, and scheduled maintenance jobs.
Multiple Price Levels – Contract Pricing with Expiry Dates With the General Ledger transaction file you can search on all Debtor related transaction entries.
Client Contract hourly job charge rates by Labour Class There is a Quick Search to locate Customers by Surname, First Name, Phone Number, Email Address, or Post Code.
Multiple Delivery Addresses by Client. You can ‘click’ on an address to open Google Maps.
Product Purchase History by Client, by Site Location. You can ‘click’ on an email or web address to open up Microsoft Outlook/Explorer.
Can optionally create a new sales quote/invoice under the Debtor record, as well as under the normal Accounting Menu There is a Client Document Database (MS-Word, pdf files, photos, etc) – click on them to open.
Debtor Statement report can be run as a one-off, or a complete list – as at any nominated (prior) date. There is a ‘wild card’ search on any combination of fields on the Debtor Database.
A Debtors Reconciliation Report shows all the movements a Debtor’s Account. Debtor Reports can be configured to User requirements by a simple Question & Answer format.
There are menu links from the Debtor’s Ledger file to the source transaction (invoice, job) Overdue Debtor letters can be selectively produced.
Sales and Gross Profit analysis is summarised by Month by Client Option of Foreign Currency Invoicing & Debtors
Debtors Aged Analysis report can be run at any time – with a history maintained on screen to show the trends in the balance owning and average age of debt. Flexible software design – add/remove fields, files, menus to suit.
An “Executive Summary” report can be run daily showing total balance aging 7, 14, 30, 90, 90+ days. It also shows expected cash receipts, the ten oldest Debtors, and the ten biggest.

Download the full software profile Download the full software profile
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