Service Maintenance Software

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Why InterAcct Service Maintenance Software?

  • Equipment Storage
The Service Maintenance Software Database
provides details of a Customer’s Equipment at
each site location by Type, Make, Model and
Serial Number
  • Contract Details
Service Contract Details can be recorded by the
customer with routine maintenance being
scheduled by a set period
  • Profitability
The Profitability of the service contracts can be
  • Warranty Cards
The Warranty Card Sub System allows entry of a
Warranty Car received from an End User of
equipment – originally sold via a Reseller
  • Flexibility
A Service / Maintenance contract can be on
multiple items of each equipment type, across
multiple service intervals
  • Scheduled Maintenance
Schedule regular maintenance jobs into the future
  • Industry Suited
 We have used the Service Maintenance module for clients


Industry Suited

We have used the Service Maintenance module for clients in the following industries

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance (HVAC)
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • IT Service and Computer Repairs
  • Medical Equipment Service
  • Routine Plumbing Maintenance
  • Mechanical Service and Repair
  • Marine Maintenance.

But it could be used in many more industries.

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