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This video demonstrates InterAcct’s Job Costing Construction Software for Builders and Contractors.

It should be viewed in conjunction with reading the Construction Software Profile  which can be found under the industries tab.

The video shows the Cost Analysis available – in total, sub totals by Job Phase, and by Cost Item.

Just an introduction to the InterAcct  Construction Software. Job and Employee Scheduling.

This video demonstration shows adding a (construction related) job, with Job Budget. It shows material requirements, required to purchase, purchasing, works orders, and other job cost transactions.

InterAcct is a database software product. As such, your diary of follow ups, (or your work schedule) are shown in a traditional columnar format. With the new InterAcct Scheduler, you can create a graphical calendar of your diary – to see one or more employees, for a day, week, or month.

This video show cases the InterAcct Job Cost Estimating system. One job can have many estimates, and each estimate later be used as a basis for preparing a Quotation.

This video looks at the InterAcct Job Costing Task Checklist.

This video looks at the InterAcct Job Costing system – including Job Scheduling, a Job Budget (by Phase), and the host of Cost Analysis files that are associated with each job. The focus is on the various options available for entry of Employee Timesheets against a job, and the ease of data input.

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