Service Maintenance Software Videos

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Just an introduction to the InterAcct Service Maintenance Software  designed for Heating and Cooling Service, Mining Equipment Service and more. Job and Employee Scheduling.

The Service Maintenance software module is one of the more popular add-on features of InterAcct’s Job Costing, Estimating, and Quoting system. It allows you to create a client’s equipment register by Type, Make, Model, and Serial Number, plus record details of Service Contracts. It is an automatic process to create service jobs and then monitor expected service jobs against actual costs. There are lots of search enquiries including warranty and service contract expiry dates, and search by serial number. A good overview to watch.

This video looks at the InterAcct Job Costing system – including Job Scheduling, a Job Budget (by Phase), and the host of Cost Analysis files that are associated with each job. The focus is on the various options available for entry of Employee Timesheets against a job, and the ease of data input.

A video demonstration on the semi-automatic do and charge invoice system available in the Standard Job Costing system of InterAcct.

This video demonstration shows adds a (construction related) job, with Job Budget. It shows material requirements, required to purchase, purchasing, works orders, and other job cost transactions.

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