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The main objective of any Marketing Department within a business is to generate a steady stream of qualified sales leads, and to do so in the most cost effective manner. This video shows you how InterAcct Sales and Marketing software can be used to assist you in achieving these objectives.

A short (less than 2 minute) introduction to the sales order entry system within InterAcct.
A short introduction to Quick invoicing within InterAcct.
The objective of any good Telemarketing system is to generate qualified sales leads for the least cost. But this Direct Marketing activity can also create an “Intelligence Database” on your Clients & Prospects that may later identify latent sales opportunities. In this video demonstration InterAcct Sales and Marketing Software shows off of their Telemarketing functions.

Demonstration of the Follow-up call campaign. Regular call follows ups.

InterAcct Software Standard Letter writer.

InterAcct Software Word export function.

This module syncronyses your appointments from InterAcct, Visual Scheduler and your outlook calendar as well pulling in email contact history to your client files. .

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