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A System that kept running.

Not sure if its our oldest current client but was pleasantly surprised to get a call from a client that is still running his system from us that was originally purchased in 4th of June 1987, almost 32 years ago. “A system that has just kept running” and he wanted a few updates.

We are glad that we are still here to be able to service him and his system and that its meet his business needs for all of these years.

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Employee Contact History

A minor addition to the software from a User suggestion was to duplicate the Contact History screens that we have for Clients, Suppliers, Jobs etc for Employees.

A few minutes of programming later and its ready to roll out to existing clients.


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Average Cost

I was talking with someone today and regarding the cost of the software and was asked a question on what the average size and cost would be for an InterAcct installation? On average our sites have 7 users and it costs them around $21,000 for the software and services.

There are users with just a single PC and some with 20+ Users. If you would like to find out what your expected costs are, please contact our sales team and we will be happy to help


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Personal Client Training Videos

We have had some instances where a client will want their system personalised to better suit their specific needs. In most cases these changes are minor, just moving data around or adding and removing fields from data entry. But where the changes are more significant one option open to clients is to have a training session after the changes to cover how to use the new system.

This is great when it’s fresh in everyone’s mind, but another option is to have your developer create a specific video training session on your changes so that new staff in the future can have the training in the same level of detail or that you can refer back to it at any stage.

We have created these Personal Client Training video’s using Techsmith’s Camtasia Studios. They can be stored on your server or viewed online with a password.

Contact your Project Manager if you wish to take advantage of this service.

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Product Price by Tonne

A recent client change for a Steel company that we are working with involved having the function to update a range of products price based on the price by Tonne rather than pricing by each item or per metre of product. 

The routine allows for multiple suppliers to have their own prices for items in this group and it even updated all of the pricing information under the Lengths and Sheets module of the software. 

A simple change to the software that allows this client to quickly update thousands of product items in seconds when steel prices change.

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Paint/Chemical system

Over the years we have had a few times that we have worked with Chemical or Paint manufactures. Each system has been unique based on the client’s needs, but the basics of having a formula for making a batch of product and a means to break down this batch into different packages (of different sizes or types) and converting them back to stock items has been always similar. We will shortly have a new software profile of a system that we recently have completed.


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