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Tablet Timesheet Video

We have added a new video to the website that demonstrates one of the 2 versions of the tablet application for timesheet entry.

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Easter Holiday

We wish everyone a safe Easter Long weekend.

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A System that kept running.

Not sure if its our oldest current client but was pleasantly surprised to get a call from a client that is still running his system from us that was originally purchased in 4th of June 1987, almost 32 years ago. “A system that has just kept running” and he wanted a few updates.

We are glad that we are still here to be able to service him and his system and that its meet his business needs for all of these years.

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Why upgrade?

We are often asked why upgarde or software, most of our needs are being met and we just need to fix one element of our systems that is failing. Regardless of if its Inventory Control, Project Job costing or a distribution system, having an ERP system that meets all of your needs will reduce time and costs to your business.

As businesses expand they become more unique  and Entry Level Packages like MYOB, Quickbooks or Xero etc no longer meet their needs. Once your business passes its start-up phase you may need to look at an ERP system to meet your developing needs.

InterAcct is a highly flexible system. It can suit a variety of industries with its different combination of modules but requires professional services to implement fully, as the system itself is too complex for the most user to configure themselves. Once up and running it is very user friendly.

Personalising the software means that the business focus and flows are able to become the default when using the software. This will allow you to work with the software rather than against it. In a typical InterAcct installation only a handful of people are involved in working on a handful of key functions in the software but the changes result in a system better suited to purpose than an off the shelf package.

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Division and Department Training Video

We have uploaded a new training video on the setup of the Division and Department module. This 4:30 video covers the basics on the GL creation routine that makes the GL accounts for you. A sales Demo video on the topic will follow

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LED Lights

Following up on our story regarding Government Grants we spotted a grant for Energy Efficient lighting. We took it up and managed to replace all of the lights in the office with LED lights for $33. Saving money and power.

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Make it Simple

In all of our years of selling software we have yet to have the phone call from someone that says “I want the complicated system”. Most do ask for a simple system but unfortunately simple is a relative term.


What is simple for some is complex for others and too simple for another. The same process in InterAcct might have multiple methods based on the level of detail (Take job estimating as an example where we have 4 methods) to get around this.


Our goal for most clients is to pick the solution in the standard system that is closest to their needs and then tailor that solution to be the best fit for any shortfall.


The goal of a simple intuitive system is possible with the InterAcct Software application.

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Government Grants

One question that I get asked from time to time is what assistance is available to help them with what is a reasonable one off cost to their business. While there are finance options available, another option is to get a government grant.

Grants can be available for many reasons, a recent prospect found 24 options for their industry. While not all might be applicable to their needs, it does not take too long to see what might be available.

The following website is a link to some grants

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Module Summary

Sometimes when we are quoting modules people can get a bit lost in all of the features that are in the standard system and what each module might do.

I have recently created a new page that has a summary of each software module that can be purchased with the standard system as well as links to videos and more detailed info on each.

You can find the page at 

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Employee Contact History

A minor addition to the software from a User suggestion was to duplicate the Contact History screens that we have for Clients, Suppliers, Jobs etc for Employees.

A few minutes of programming later and its ready to roll out to existing clients.


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