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Christmas Hours

As always at this time of year our office shuts down for the Christmas Break. After such an interesting year the team is looking forward to a well-deserved break. 

The office will be closed from 5pm Thursday 25th of December 2021 and reopen the 8:30am 10th of January 2022. During this time, we will monitor the support box for any urgent requests. 

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Opening Up

With state boarders opening up we are looking forward to being able to perform face to face training again for our clients that have been requesting it recently. Its certainly exciting to see things almost back to normal again. 


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Lock Down

Business as usual for the end of financial year here, with staff working from home during the lock down.

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Today Both of the Directors of InterAcct had started their vaccine shots for Covid. Ready for whatever lays ahead for us.

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Moving Office

Our office will be moving early next week. Still in Belrose but a new site. We will be off the air for Monday afternoon and Tuesday Morning.

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Christmas 2020

With the Sydney Lockdown in affect this week staff are all safe and well working from home. We will at work until Wednesday afternoon and then back in the office on Monday the 11th of January. Urgent Support requests will still be actioned over this time. Stay Safe and we will see you in the new year. 


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I hope that as restrictions start to ease off that business will return to normal.

We have certainly seen a steep increase in consumer confidence in the last week due to the government grants and payments coming through. We hope that you are all doing well and ready to get back to work.

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At InterAcct Software things are still fairly normal. We are still open and providing support to our clients. For training we are moving to train most clients remotely rather than face to face and some staff are working from home/remotely. But otherwise its full steam ahead.

If you would like to take the chance to get started with the software or continue with support we are here and happy to help. 


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Corona Virus

InterAcct Software are ready to meet with people online as an alternative to face to face training. Our trainers have been advised when onsite to keep their personal distance from clients and to use regular hand sanitizer etc. While this may not be enough given the spread seen overseas many clients have taken to online meetings to avoid potential cross contamination. 

An article shared to us from Wix of some ideas of what to do to help in the near future can be seen Here 

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Victoria Wins 2019

Last year Victoria managed to sneak into the lead for the Australian State that had the most views for our Vimeo channel. It was a close race with New South Wales. Our customers are all over Australia, and we enjoy some light hearted analysis of where our clients (current and potential) are coming from. 


If you have suggestions for new videos that you would like to see from our team, let us know.

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