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Cash Flow Report

A new Cash Flow report has been added to the standard system. Taking it beyond a simple review of Aged Debtors + Bank compared to Aged Creditors. This report looks at outstanding purchases that may require payment if delivered ontime, estimates of payroll based on previous payroll, and other factors. This addition is available all existing and new Users without charge. 

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Extention of End of year reporting.

The ATO has extended the normal cut off for end of year reporting of Payroll info until the 31st of July for this year. 

Single Touch Payroll (STP) changes how you report your employees’ end of financial year (EOFY) information to your employees and the ATO.



What you need to know



You no longer need to provide your employees with a payment summary for payments reported through STP. You will have until 31 July to ‘finalise’ your employees’ EOFY payroll information through your STP enabled software for the 2018-19 financial year. You can finalise this information as soon as it is ready after 30 June.
You are no longer required to lodge a payment summary annual report for the amounts reported through STP as long as you complete the finalisation declaration by the finalisation date.



What you need to do



You need to tell your employees:

you will not be providing them with a payment summary

their payment summary information will be called an income statement and is available in ATO online in myGov

they will need to log into their myGov account, select ATO online services, select Employment and then Income statements to access this information

if they use a registered agent to lodge their income tax return, their agent will be able to access their income statement information directly from the ATO

if they don’t have access or cannot create a myGov account and don’t use a registered agent they can call us on 13 28 61 and we’ll provide this information to them.

If your employees need help creating or logging in to their myGov account and linking to  ATO’s online services,


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TPAR – Reporting Subbies

Starting this year the TPAR report for Subbies has expanded from just the construction Industry. The ATO have the following additional industries now requiring to report how much they are paying each subcontractor and or Consultant. 


You may need to lodge a Taxable payments annual report (TPAR) by 28 August each year if you are a:

InterAcct Software has this report available with filters to include whichever industries you happen to be in. 

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Partial Year STP

We have had a number of clients ask questions about reporting part of a year via Single Touch Payroll. If employees were paid earlier in the last financial year before you started Single Touch Payroll but left before you started STP then the ATO prefer that you report via STP their year to date totals.


Hi Simon


Please find response below:

As long as you have finalised through STP then you don’t need to report through an Empdup file.

The employees who were not paid after STP was implemented can be reported and finalised through a STP update event. This is the preferred option.

If you cannot report those employee’s through STP then you can provide the employees with a payment summary and report through an Empdup file.


To avoid the potential for duplicates it is recommended not to include any employees who have been finalised through STP in an Empdup file.

Digital Service Providers

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Low and Middle Income Tax Offset

On 5 July 2019, the Treasury Laws Amendment (Tax Relief So Working Australians Keep More Of Their Money) Act 2019 received Royal Assent.


This Act makes changes to lower taxes and builds on the Personal Income Tax Plan as announced as part of the 2019-20 Federal Budget.

We are waiting for the details to come in from the ATO as to the affect of this on the coming years Tax tables and returns. 

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How easy to use is the software

How easy is the InterAcct Software Application? Why will it take me multiple days to learn the software? Is there any help in this process? Well the answer is Yes there is help with videos, manuals, and on screen help text. But there is alot to take in. We have just uploaded a video looking at Training Videos, Manuals, On screen help text and changing the flow of key screens in the software.

We get asked all of the time “why will I need 3-5 days to get an InterAcct system installed, is it not easy to learn?”. Yes, each process covered is normally described as easy but there are loads of processes that you might like to use, so we cover them all. There multiple options and in some cases even change the processes to better suit your needs.

This is a new Video from our Vimeo channel. It covers how easy is InterAcct to use and what help is available.
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Variations to Contract

There is a new Video on the website that looks at producing a Variation to Contract on a Project/Job setup with sub jobs of Phases.

The video is less than 4 minutes long but covers most of the common questions in the process.

This Video looks at Variations to contract
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Custom Manufacturing – Client profile

Mostly when we install a system for a client will have specific needs are that outside of what the standard system can delivery. Sometimes these needs a minor, either removing or adding in some extra data or displaying a report in a different format that what we would normally deal with. Other times these changes have an effect on how the system processes transactions and are more wide spread.


One such change that we have made recently was for a Custom Manufacturing site that wanted the structure of the Bill of Materials system but also the flexibility to have optional items in his BOM easily swapped in and out. I will have a profile of this system up on the website shortly that will show some of what we achieved in this change.

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