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Windows 11

For those wishing to move to the latest workstation software we have been testing Windows 11 with InterAcct. There appears to be no major differences in the use of the system and performance appears to be the exact same. 

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HTML Email

A simple change that was made recently was to our Bulk mail/email option. Previously this would only allow us to send plain text in the body of the email with attachments. Now we have an option to use an HTML formatted email to go out. This software enhancement is available free to existing users of the software.

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Opening Balances

It does not come up that often that people need support on Opening Balances in the system, but we have recently added a new training video that covers this topic. It is available to all existing users of the software under the training videos link.

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New Menu Structure

Feedback over the years has been that sometimes we have too much in the software. I find it interesting that people want less out of a system but can understand that having 80 different reports and transactions under the job might be more than you would use.

In the past we jump behind the scenes and remove the links that are not needed and it only takes a few seconds to do this.

But now you have aNew Menu with the option to change a the links yourself. Not only can you remove them in general but you can have them changed for each user (separate to the security controls in the system but it still will not let you get to things that you dont have permission to see).

Here is a video on the topic and what has changed.

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Cloud Computing

One question asked of us by many new potential users, is does InterAcct supporting Cloud Computing?

The basic answer is yes, but first we must understand what Cloud Computing is, and what options are available to users.

Cloud Computing is storing information for a software application on a remote site to be able to access that data from remote locations. The term is being used by marketing companies to describe two different kinds of service.

  1. An application that is designed to work over the internet in its self. Sometimes through a web browser or another tool directly connecting to the data. Example : Xero
  2. A virtualization service allowing remote users to connect to through a terminal service to a virtual desktop that then allows them to run an application. Examples would include :
    1. Microsoft Terminal Server
    2. Citrix
    3. Teamviewer

For more information download our note on Cloud Computing, InterAcct on Cloud.

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