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Tablet Timesheet Video

We have added a new video to the website that demonstrates one of the 2 versions of the tablet application for timesheet entry.

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Division and Department Training Video

We have uploaded a new training video on the setup of the Division and Department module. This 4:30 video covers the basics on the GL creation routine that makes the GL accounts for you. A sales Demo video on the topic will follow

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Module Summary

Sometimes when we are quoting modules people can get a bit lost in all of the features that are in the standard system and what each module might do.

I have recently created a new page that has a summary of each software module that can be purchased with the standard system as well as links to videos and more detailed info on each.

You can find the page at 

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Fixed Asset Demo Video

There is a new Demo video which has a quick look at some of the features on the Fixed Asset depreciation module. It runs at just over 2 minutes and is a great little addition to the standard system that can be added at any time.

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Job Costing Transaction Demos

We have completed the last of the basic videos that look at each of the main job costing transactions. Stock Issues, Purchase Orders, Works Orders, Timesheets, Sundry Costs and Machine Timesheets. There are more options in the system than these but it is hoped that this gives you an idea of what some of the options are. You can see the new videos together at .  For a Demo on the system Contact us.

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Job Costing Videos

We are doing a new series of short videos looking at each of the Job Costing Transactions in the system. There will be one on Stock issues, Auto Purchase Orders, Works Orders to subbies, Time sheets, Job costs on Creditors invoices, Sundry Costs and Machine Time sheets. Many of these topics are covered as part of already published larger videos but we have had feedback from people that it was hard to spot them in a hurry.

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Opening Balances

It does not come up that often that people need support on Opening Balances in the system, but we have recently added a new training video that covers this topic. It is available to all existing users of the software under the training videos link.

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New Menu Structure

Feedback over the years has been that sometimes we have too much in the software. I find it interesting that people want less out of a system but can understand that having 80 different reports and transactions under the job might be more than you would use.

In the past we jump behind the scenes and remove the links that are not needed and it only takes a few seconds to do this.

But now you have aNew Menu with the option to change a the links yourself. Not only can you remove them in general but you can have them changed for each user (separate to the security controls in the system but it still will not let you get to things that you dont have permission to see).

Here is a video on the topic and what has changed.

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InterAcct Video updates

We have many InterAcct Video updates on the website with new branding as well as in many adding in notes so that they can be watched without speakers.

Videos on Accounting reports, CRMProject Management and ERP have been added

The standard software now has 68 Videos linked in it to help users navigate the software and processes, many of these videos are also on the website to help potential users get a clear understanding of what the InterAcct Software application can do.

If the videos are not showing you what you need to see, let us know and we can organise an online demonstration.

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Payroll Training Videos

The Payroll training videos to the software have been updated with the latest changes to the Payroll system including the Single Touch Payroll (STP) screens that are now part of the standard software

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