How easy to use is the software

How easy is the InterAcct Software Application? Why will it take me multiple days to learn the software? Is there any help in this process? Well the answer is Yes there is help with videos, manuals, and on screen help text. But there is alot to take in. We have just uploaded a video looking at Training Videos, Manuals, On screen help text and changing the flow of key screens in the software.

We get asked all of the time “why will I need 3-5 days to get an InterAcct system installed, is it not easy to learn?”. Yes, each process covered is normally described as easy but there are loads of processes that you might like to use, so we cover them all. There multiple options and in some cases even change the processes to better suit your needs.

This is a new Video from our Vimeo channel. It covers how easy is InterAcct to use and what help is available.
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