Engineering Software

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InterAcct Engineering Software

  • Projects – enquiries, jobs, history
  • Estimating – by sub job (phase)
  • Cost items, kits / templates
  • Quotations – variety of print format options
  • Scheduling – jobs due to start / complete, tasks, employees
  • Job costing – budget / actual / variance analysis
  • Progress claims – percentage complete by phase
  • Variation to contract
  • Business contacts database
  • Bills of material options
  • Document search database
  • Fully integrated accounting, payroll
  • Materials purchasing

Software benefits for engineers

  • Manage & analyse incoming Sales Enquiries
  • Schedule appointments
  • “Quick” Estimating & quoting option
  • Multiple estimates per Job
  • Estimate summary by your “Phases” within a Job
  • Cost breakdown of Phase Summary by Cost Item and standard “Kits”
  • Materials calculations by Each, M2, M3, and Linear
  • Requirements summary by Job – Labour, Materials, Subbies, Hire, Sundries, etc.
  • Can link Cost Estimates to create Quotes with multiple print formats
  • Can copy an Estimate to a Job’s Budget when it has been won
  • Task Scheduling by Job Start/Finish Date, and Employee
  • Contract & Variations breakdown by Phase within a Job
  • Cash Flow by Phase within a Project
  • Progress Claims – percentage complete by Phase
  • Invoicing with a full reconciliation report on Contract, Variations, Billing, and work to complete.
  • Contract hourly charge rates by employee class, by job/client
  • Use the Job “Kit” to automatic issue actual costs to a job.
  • Automatic purchasing can be based on Job Budget – net material requirements.
  • Cost Commitments of purchase/works orders shown against the Job
  • Automatic posting of actual costs to Work in Progress from receiving materials on purchase order of supplier invoice.
  • Can reserve stock of materials required for a Job, but not yet issued.
  • Monthly summary of Job Revenue/Profits – expected versus actual
  • Extension of Time Job Letter Writer
  • Project management of percentage complete to calculate cost to complete and resulting profit variances.
  • Document/Drawings Database, with graphic attachments
  • Small Tools “Lending Library” Database
  • Management “Alert” system interface to Diary follow up
  • Report Configurator and Report Generator for Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Numerous standard reports of WIP by period
  • Flexible software design – add/remove fields, files, menus and reports to suit.

Types of Engineer

InterAcct has worked with a number of different types of Engineers. Providing :

  • Civil Engineering Software : Tracking Labour, Materials, Equipment and Machines on Civil Engineering jobs.
  • Quantity Surveyors Software : Tracking Labour, Documents, and Costs on Surveyors Jobs.
  • Mechanical Engineering Software : Tracking Production, Maintenance, materials and Labour on Mechanical Engineering Jobs.
  • Electrical Engineering Software : Tracking Labour, Materials, Subbies on Electrical Engineering Jobs.
  • Industrial Engineering Software :
  • Structural Engineering Software
  • Software Engineering Software
  • Boilermakers Software
  • Workshop Software


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