I hope that as restrictions start to ease off that business will return to normal.

We have certainly seen a steep increase in consumer confidence in the last week due to the government grants and payments coming through. We hope that you are all doing well and ready to get back to work.


Many clients have asked us about the JobKeeper system. With InterAcct Software STP running the ATO has all of the information to quickly lodge for JobKeeper through their online portal. Within a few minutes its all lodged and just waiting for the ATO to process the payment. 


Contact us if you need more information. 


At InterAcct Software things are still fairly normal. We are still open and providing support to our clients. For training we are moving to train most clients remotely rather than face to face and some staff are working from home/remotely. But otherwise its full steam ahead.

If you would like to take the chance to get started with the software or continue with support we are here and happy to help. 


Corona Virus

InterAcct Software are ready to meet with people online as an alternative to face to face training. Our trainers have been advised when onsite to keep their personal distance from clients and to use regular hand sanitizer etc. While this may not be enough given the spread seen overseas many clients have taken to online meetings to avoid potential cross contamination. 

An article shared to us from Wix of some ideas of what to do to help in the near future can be seen Here



Scam Warning

Public Service Announcement. We see plenty of scam warnings (as well as emails) but occasionally one looks close enough to the real thing that it takes people in.
A new email and text message going out to people asking them to update their payment details through a link to Mygov, seems to be getting some hits on it.
Always check the link, any Australian govenment link will end with .gov.au for the domain, including from the ATO.

Victoria Wins 2019

Last year Victoria managed to sneak into the lead for the Australian State that had the most views for our Vimeo channel. It was a close race with New South Wales. Our customers are all over Australia, and we enjoy some light hearted analysis of where our clients (current and potential) are coming from. 


If you have suggestions for new videos that you would like to see from our team, let us know.


You may notice that there is a circle icon at the bottom right of the screen on the website now. This is a link to the InterAcct team from Messenger (facebook). If you want to talk with the sales team or even support we can assist you from here rather than phone or email if you prefer. 

Signs Your Business Technology Needs to be Updated


Has your business stagnated?

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential that your business systems are up to date if you want to remain competitive.

However, it can often be difficult to assess which parts of your business are outdated and need to be improved.

Updating your technology regularly is one of the primary ways of improving service quality in a business. When your company is growing, it is imperative that adequate funds are directed toward your IT department so it can implement new systems and technology as required.

If you aren’t confident in identifying technology bottlenecks in your business, this article will discuss the signs to look out for, so you can keep your business running the way you want it to.

#1 – Regular and sustained downtime

If your systems or network are taking too long to respond, it’s really only a matter of time before you lose business and frustrate customers and employees alike.

The slow response might be as a result of poor Internet connectivity, outdated software, or even malfunctioning servers. If your customers regularly connect with your business online, this is a vitally important factor to business success.

The frustration that comes with too much downtime is not only demotivating to staff, but it sends potential and existing customers away. System performance information can be used by your IT support team to fix identified problems and implement technology that will be less problematic.

#2 – Insufficient technology capacity

Most businesses start small and grow. In the early stages of a new business, the technology you needed was sufficient, but has it scaled to meet your operation needs today?

If your company has grown, expanded or developed, then it makes sense to implement technology that will ensure operations are able to be carried out efficiently.

Most modern technology can be comfortably scaled as your business grows, so consider what your business will need now to avoid halting ongoing growth.

Looking for a way to increase your technological capacity to increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing? Find out more here.

#3 – Weak security


When your network and systems are constantly at risk of cyberattacks or a data breach, it’s about time to update your technology.

More often than not, security breaches are a result of outdated technology that is no longer supported by modern security solutions.

Hackers will always come up with new ways to gain access to a system, and businesses are very lucrative targets. The best way to protect your valuable data and IP is to ensure you have up-to-date security across all IT systems.

#4 – Low staff productivity and slow business processes

Every business has varying IT needs. If you are looking to adjust the focus of your business, chances are your current technology won’t integrate properly with your new goals and objectives.

Perhaps you need your staff to be more mobile in order to increase productivity? Maybe your business requires a better cloud storage solution that allows your employees to work remotely?

Ask yourself where your business is headed, and prepare in advance. If you want to diversify and expand, then you can prevent future issues by upgrading your technology in preparation for future business needs.

#5 – Incompatible and outdated hardware

The primary reasons for utilising technology are to simplify and streamline operations, and increase productivity and efficiency.

A great IT system will unify all departments in your organisation and enable them to communicate and access company data efficiently.

When business hardware is degraded, it becomes a challenge to oversee the various departments of even a medium-sized business in an effective manner.

If your systems can be improved using the latest technology to enable central control and provide a good overview of how your business operates, you’ll be able to make more-informed business decisions.

#6 – High energy bills

There’s no doubt that technology systems account for a significant part of your energy bills. Servers, computers, and other devices are highly common and are rarely disconnected, but if these systems are outdated then you may be drawing an unnecessary amount of power.

Think of it this way: if you could achieve the same business stability with one, high-quality server instead of fifteen, would the cost be worth it?

If you scale this question to match a large business with an immense power bill, the decision to upgrade your hardware becomes very easy.

#7 – Poor customer retention


Outdated systems are likely to result in lower-quality services compared to new versions. If productivity is going downhill in your organisation, clients will no doubt move to your competitors, and suddenly you’re losing business.

We live in an era where customers like to be served in a prompt and efficient manner. Ensuring your business is equipped with systems that enable this is vital when attracting and retaining customers.

By updating your business technology, you can ensure your customers, employees, and business will be set for success both now and in the future

If your business does not have the funds immediately accessible, but still wishes to upgrade your technology you could consider a business loan.

Of course, you need to ensure the cost of the finance will be justified with the improvements and efficiencies of your technology investment.

In need of help understanding your business technology needs? Chat to a member of the InterAcct team today!


Author Bio: Adrian Springer