Does InterAcct Suit every Company/Industry?

For many people that have been looking for software that meets their needs without breaking the budget, our software is great. It has plenty of optional modules to handle many different types of businesses and flexible enough to adapt if you needs are not standard and able to be met “Out of the Box.”

Saying that, it’s not always perfect package for every company. There is software out there designed for bigger and smaller companies that might better meet your needs. Most of our clients have around 10 Users of the software. Which normally translates to 10 Office staff, some are smaller and bigger than this. From single user Start ups working from the garage to larger companies with 40-60 office staff supporting 3-5 times that in the field/factory.


Do you offer anything other than your own Software?

Traditionally it has just been our own software and the services to help make the most out of that system. Since the early 80’s we have worked to make our system cover a broad collection of companies. In recent years we have been helping some of our clients with other applications that are targeted slightly differently. One of these applications is the ERP package called Odoo.

Odoo is closely aligned with InterAcct. They offer a flexible framework to their system, and modular structure so that you only get what you need. They have many partners the world over that add to the options available to the system. As well as 24 hour support for their software.

When Job costing is not required or the number of users is likely to be higher than 60, Odoo can meet a company needs better than InterAcct.

We are still able to bring our knowledge of Australian business and software design to your implementation of the Odoo system.


What options does Odoo Offer?

Accounting, Sales Orders, Point of Sale, Stock Control, Purchasing, Timesheets, CRM, E-Commerce, Field services, Direct connection to DHL FedEx and other shipping companies.  There are also hundreds of other industry specific modules created by partners to meet your needs.  The Users and modules offered affect the monthly cost of the software. These can be added or removed to suit as your needs change.

The software can run on 3 different options.

  • Hosted Standard
  • Hosted flexible (referred to as SH)
  • Locally hosted 

The software is accessed through a web browser which allows it to be run from many different platforms. Being a SAAS application it is easy to scale as your business grows to make sure that you are not left behind.

Just like InterAcct Software we can perform an Online demonstration of the features of the Odoo system and how it might apply to your business. 

Odoo will be opening their Sydney office in early 2023 and we look forward to working with the


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