Kit Estimating

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Why InterAcct Kit Estimating?

Kit Estimating is designed to help you quickly create an estimate based on a set of rules that you setup. Fencing software would be one industry that is will suited for this application, as well as many other construction related applications.

  • Kits
A ‘Kit’ can be described as a mini Bill of
Materials. Essentially it is a list of all the costs
items required to complete a job work task
  • Modular
Semi-Automatic or Kit estimating of Costs, Revenue
and Profits within a Kit is an option to the ‘Job
Costing’ module
  • Unlimited Estimates per Job
One job can have any number of Estimates,
broken down into Sub-Job ‘Phases’, and then
Cost Items of Labour, Materials, Trades,
Machine time, and Sundries
  • Multiple Kits
One Estimate can have any number of
standard Kits attached which can be amended,
and then used to calculate the Cost items
  • Reduced Risk
One of the most common errors with a Cost
Estimate is missing out Cost Items. Using kit estimating
reduces this risk substantially, while also
speeding up the estimating process
  • Industries
The system can be used for any estimating. We have seen it used for Construction software, Fencing software, Electrical Software, Landscaping Software and more.

In this example demo we look at InterAcct can be used for Fencing software.

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