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Highlights for Manufacturing Software

  • The InterAcct Manufacturing software combines a multi level Bill of Materials with a job costing Production system – all integrated with the normal accounting functions.
  • The Bill of Materials system will provide a costing on finished goods (and sub assemblies). It allows you to combine Materials, Labour, Machine Time, Sub Contractors, Overhead Recovery, and Sundry costs.
  • When considering the production of an item (to cover stock and/or sales order requirements), the system provides both gross and net material requirement plans, plus machine capacity.
  • There are links to automatically create purchase orders, works orders, to reserve stock, and then to automatically issue materials to a production job.
  • There is the option to input daily production complete quantities to automatically issue and calculate the related Cost Items used.
  • The focus is on speed of data input, accuracy, and simplicity.

Why InterAcct Manufacturing Software?

  • Bill of Materials
Multi-Level - Sub Assemblies. BOM Software
  • Production Processes
Labour and Machine Capacity Planning.
  • OH&S - Quality Control
Safety and Quality Control considerations.
  • Document Register
Link to drawings, specifications, and Photos.
  • Production Software
Automatic job accounting processes.
  • Kit Conversions
Option of a simpler manufacturing software solution also
for a lessor cost.
  • Factory Software
Factory Software for Scheduling and automated costings.

Software benefits for Manufacturers

  • The first step in creating your Bill of Materials, is to add the Materials, Sub Assemblies, and Finished Goods as Stock items.
  • For each “Make” item there is a Bill of Material (BOM) attached.
  • The Bill of Materials is typically a combination of Materials, Direct Factory Labour, Machine time, Sub Contractor charges, and Sundry costs (including indirect overhead recovery).
  • Materials can also be “Make” items. Calculations of quantities required can be Each, Linear, Square, or Cubic – with wastage factors added.
  • The current stock balance of materials is shown as an indication of what can be made.
  • Graphic images can be attached to the BOM along with work instructions.
  • To save time, a BOM can be used to copy and create another BOM – and them you simply modify the copy to suit.
  • BOM software can be automatically re-costed at any time – based on the latest stock cost information.
  • Production jobs for a manufactured stock item can be for stock, and/or for one or more sales backorders.
  • The BOM is copied across to automatically create the production job’s estimate.
  • Existing material stock can be reserved at any time, and pro-forma purchase orders created automatically for what is needed.
  • Availability checks can be performed at any time to check whether all materials are available to start production.
  • Materials can be issued to the job from stock automatically.
  • As an option, you can input the actual production quantities each day, and InterAcct will calculate the labour time and materials used automatically.
  • Variance analysis is shown between a job’s budget and the actual cost items so that you may adjust the BOM accordingly.
  • As the finished stock item is completed production, it is transferred into stock. If related to a Sales Order, then this is updated to indicate it is now ready for despatch.
  • Another version of the BOM software has been created for Paint & Chemical manufacture – with both volume and weight formulations in batch quantities with differing packaging sizes.
  • There are numerous standard reports within InterAcct, and these can be personalised to suit.
  • The database of files, fields, and menus can also be personalised to suit individual requirements.
  • Material requirements can be shown gross, and “Net” of available stock.

What has been made using InterAcct Manufacturing Software ?

  • Light fittings
  • Springs
  • Windows Sashes
  • Boat Trailers
  • Parts of Railway systems
  • Paint/ Chemicals/Ink Products
  • Seating Solutions
  • Standard fit out Cabinetry
  • Machinery for Mining
  • Kit Homes
  • Animal Feed
  • Telecommunication Trailers

InterAcct MRP Software/Production Management software  enables you to Setup, Copy and Produce multi level Bills of Materials(B.O.M). This links into a complete software application that tracks Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Inventory Control, Reorder Points and so much more.

There are multiple options with Manufacturing. To view these please see the video presentations or Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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