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IntroductionTypesWIPEstimatingPhasesProject ManagementCost AccountingPeriodic InvoiceCost LogJSADo and Charge InvoiceQuick Job ReviewMachinesJob Movements FileLabour CostsRepairsProduction Schedule (Kitchen/Joinery)Variations
Just an introduction to the InterAcct Job Costs database – for Engineering, Construction, Trades, Service companies. Job and Employee Scheduling.

This video reviews the different types of Jobs in the InterAcct Job Cost system. More details of these job types can be found in each of their respective videos

This video show cases the InterAcct Work in Progress Report and WIP accounting

This video show cases the InterAcct Job Cost Estimating system. One job can have many estimates, and each estimate later be used as a basis for preparing a Quotation.

This video demonstrates the InterAcct Phases or Sub Job Module. This is an optional module under the Job Costing system

This video demonstration shows many of the features for Project Managers under the Job Costing system.

This video demonstration shows adds a (construction related) job, with Job Budget. It shows material requirements, required to purchase, purchasing, works orders, and other job cost transactions.

This video looks at the InterAcct Periodic Invoice system.

This video looks at the InterAcct Job Cost Log system.

This video looks at the InterAcct Job Costing system JSA report.

A video demonstration on the semi-automatic do and charge invoice system available in the Standard Job Costing system of InterAcct.

This Video is a quick review of the key aspects of the job costing system. 

This 5 minute video looks at the setup and options for Machines in the Standard InterAcct system.

This Video is a quick review of the key aspects of the job movements file. 

This short video looks at the difference between Job costs Employees and Payroll Employees in the standard InterAcct Software

This video shows the Repair work system, that allows for quick quotes/estimates under jobs.

The Kitchen/Joinery Module allows you to set up standard Production Processes in the correct make sequence, which are then automatically attached to the Job.

All you then need to do is add the scheduled Start Date & Time, and expected completion time for each process.  You can attach relevant parties too like the Employee responsible, Plant & Equipment required, and/or the Sub Contractor involved.

Once this information has been added for each process under the Job, the InterAcct “Alert Diary” is updated – both for the Employee and the relevant Production Department (Cost Centre) involved.

From there, InterAcct can also automatically update the (optional) Visual Calendar – to show the schedule of work for both (selected) Employees and Cost Centres (for a Day, Week, or Month).

This video looks at the option of producing a Variation to Contract on a Project/Job setup with sub jobs of Phases.

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