About InterAcct

InterAcct Software Pty Ltd is an Australian company that develops integrated business and accounting software systems under the brand name of InterAcct.

Established in 1983, it remains a small business focused on providing a personalised level of service to their customers.

InterAcct consider that they actually sell (in part) a “problem”. Not a problem that the software will not function properly, but a problem in the sense that the software needs to be properly implemented into a business before the benefits can fully accrue.

Rather than just a “sell and run” approach, InterAcct have perfected training techniques that allow their customers to fully utilise some of the most advanced management and accounting software available in the world.

Research and development of the InterAcct software package continues today at a pace that defies the size of the InterAcct Software business. As a result, the underlying ClearView database plus the InterAcct application software remains at the leading edge of software design.

The broad concept of business software hasn’t changed in forty years. It is simply a case of “Data in, and Data out”. With the ClearView database, it is very easy to personalise the database design so that customers can define what information they wish to capture. Likewise, there are virtually no limits to the variety of report outputs and visual search enquiries.

Also, there are sophisticated tools within InterAcct to seamlessly receive and send data to/from other software packages if required.

At the end of the day, success of your new software installation will greatly depend on the skills and attitude of your Software Vendor. InterAcct will always take direct responsibility for the installation and ongoing support of their systems to ensure long term benefits from using the InterAcct package.

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